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Class Attire

For all classes, hair must be neatly secured and off the shoulders. 

Preschool, Kinder, and Combination Classes:

  • any type of dancewear
  • pink, leather ballet shoes (for boys-black)
  • black buckle or velcro tap shoes
  • some sort of dance bag, so that each dancer can put his/her shoes away
  • Please pack an extra outfit in a zip-lock baggie and keep it in your child's dance bag. Accidents happen, (even kindergarten students have them) and it helps us minimize the embarrassment if we have an outfit on hand.
  • Please mark your child's shoes with his or her name.
  • Jazz shoes are not required for the jazz-acro class. (We use ballet shoes for jazz at this level.)
  • Shoes with an improper fit can fall off, trip your dancer, and cause blisters.
  • For proper fit with growing room, please purchase your shoes from us.

Ballet Classes*:

(For all non-combination classes)

  • black leotard, pink tights
  • pink split-sole, leather shoes
  • Colored leotards and skirts are permitted the first class of every month.

*Ballet Level 5 and up:

  • Students must wear their hair in a bun.

Junior High Pointe Class & Up:

  • We will send an email with pointe shoe fitting details. Do not sew or alter purchased pointe shoes if we have not approved the fit.

Jazz Classes:

  • leotard (any color)
  • Black jazz pant, yoga pants, or tights
  • black, lace-less, split-sole leather jazz shoes

Tap Classes:

  • leotard (any color)
  • black buckle tap shoes are required.
  • For Junior High level and up, we require pre-pro tap shoes. We kindly request you buy them from us, as they are not available at Capezios or in any dancewear catalogs.
  • No jeans, boxer shorts, pajama bottoms, or huge shirts are permitted.
  • Pants must be short enough to see feet and ankles.

NOTE: If you are not in level junior high and up, please do not purchase oxford tie taps.


  • leotard (any color)
  • black, footless capri or stirrup tights

Hip Hop:

  • Loose clothing, not too baggy
  • black, low top Converse, used only for class
  • BOYS:  all black, hightop Converse, used only for class
  • No jeans are permitted.


  • unitard or leotard (any color)
  • tight-fitting stretch pants or shorts
  • No baggy clothing.

Martial Arts:

  • martial arts uniform
  • clean, athletic shoes

The above guidelines apply to everyone.

Students will be given one reminder. After that, they will have to sit and watch class until they meet class dress requirements. Properly fitting attire and shoes helps the student dance better and prevents injuries. It also aides our staff in the instruction process.


We frequently see students wear their dance shoes in or out of the building. It is never acceptable to wear dance shoes outside the studio. This makes for a dirty dance floor that our students have to lie upon. Please be considerate of your fellow dancers.