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Why Performance Group?

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a performance group. The skill that will be acquired in all forms of dance leads to a lifetime means of physical and emotional expression. In a practical sense, even if your child does not aspire to be a professional dancer, the very real competency the group provides inspires confidence in all other endeavors throughout the school years. This confidence helps build real self-esteem, which allows your child to turn away from less-than-wholesome influences that are inevitable.

Intensified dance training helps a child deal with awkward and uncomfortable body changes as gracefully as possible. It educates the new growth and eases the transition from little girl to puberty. It promotes physical fitness, flexibility, and strength.

Our groups are comprised of students from many different areas, which allow its members to have other friends apart from school. The studio becomes a second home, a safe haven where its members can escape from everyday school pressures and dramas. Their energies are focused on positive and fine values, leaving less time for some of the more negative aspects of popular culture. We as teachers and coaches are expertly trained and fair-minded. We work on behalf of the parents to promote self-respect, good choice making, and strength of character. Students gain self-discipline as they learn time management skills.

And should they desire to be in the dance field, the skill and connections they will acquire is second to none in the area. Compared to other extra- curricular sports programs, our groups are more time efficient, personalized, and inexpensive.