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Our Martial Arts Program

Our youth martial arts program is under the direction of Master Guy Savelli. This is not a sport karate course. Instead the program strives to teach the exercises in such a way that they become naturally integrated into one's life, so that students actually 'grow up' with Kung-Fu, not just by rote.

Much is said about the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of martial arts training, but rarely is it made clear what that all means. Spiritual training means knowing when one morally should use physical techniques. The essence of self-defense is that one doesn't let oneself get into a position to be hurt and to help others if at all possible. That is mental and physical training. Physical force is the least desirable alternative, though sometimes a necessary one. We teach physical movements and physical conditioning to create a strong, healthy body and to be prepared in case one gets into an unavoidable position or is trying to help another. 

Far more important than teaching students how to 'break holds' is teaching them never to let themselves be grabbed at any time. Teaching young children to 'break holds' and to throw strong adults builds a sense of false confidence and bravado that is far more dangerous than no training at all.

We strive above all to help the student in their own natural way to realize that there is more to life than a punch and kick- to control and know themselves and to recognize real danger when it appears.

  • Fluidity and quickness of movement and thought
  • Enhanced coordination of small and large motor muscle groups
  • Improved sequential memory
  • Better balance and timing
  • Improved sense of rhythm
  • Conditioned reflex reaction function
  • Better perceptions of situations and ability to precipitate next move of opponents

All questions are encouraged and your attendance and participation in a class is welcome.